In the late 1940s, groups of Chinese immigrants land in Malacca in search of a better life. Through years of hardship and struggle, they continue to help each other in the community. Eventually, a group of Chinese immigrants manages to make a name for themselves as the legendary Shan Hai Clan, which slowly becomes a prominent Chinese group.


The series revolves around Cheng Hui, a retired leader of the Shan Hai Clan, who returns to lead the “brothers” as it comes under attack from rival gangs. Throughout his journey, danger abounds and old rivalries and feuds resurface. Liu Xiongwei, the second head of the Shan Hai Clan is murdered, and en route to investigate his murder, a series of power plays are portrayed through political and geographical war. 


The second and third generation of Shan Hai Clan members start to step up, as they plough forward carrying lingering issues left over by the first generation. Under the manipulation of the coloniser, the Shan Hai Clan faces difficulties, one after another. 


Will this group of Chinese immigrants overcome these problems and hold their place?





Historical Legends


Executive Producer: 

Guo Jingyu



Phang Kai Yee


Expected Production: