“My Best Friend Can’t Be This Cute” follows the story of Zhou Yu (played by Ah Yan) who died unexpectedly, and whose soul possessed a golden retriever owned by his best friend Zhu Ke (played by Ji Hao). Zhou Yu begin to help Zhu Ke change his life as they work together to resist the oppression of his bosses, expose the true facade of his infatuation (played by Zheng Qizi), and break the underlying rules of the workplace.
Finally, Zhu Ke finds the love of his life and becomes a free and happy cartoonist. In the end, Zhu Ke visits Zhou Yu at his tomb and his girlfriend (played by Meng Xuanzi) tells him that Zhou Yu’s soul did not exist all along and that he was the one who changed his own life.




Genre: Drama, Comedy


Producer: Liu Shizhao, Wang Hongliang, Yang Jingyi


Director: Liang Feng


Scriptwriter: Ming Ming, Li Congcong, Mou Xue


Main Cast: Ji Hao,Meng Xuanzi, Ah Yan