Angels Wear White

Angels Wear White is jointly produced by Wen Yu, Chi Yufeng, Yue Lina, Hangzhou Qixuan Film Co. Ltd., Beijing Perfect Jianxin Film and Television Culture Co. Ltd., and Kashgar Jiaying Culture Media Co. Ltd., starring Wen Qi, Zhou Meijun, Shi Ke and Geng Le this feature film. It was released on November 2017 in mainland China.



Angels Wear White tells a story of two young girls and a hotel worker, Xiaomi, who happens to be the only witness to a child abuse case in the hotel. In order to keep her job, she decides to remain silent. After some struggles and frustration, she finally decides to reveal the truth.


Xiaomi (Wen Qi) is a cleaner who works in a budget hotel, with Lily (Peng Jing) who works at the front desk, and who is always seeking help from Xiaomi. One night, Lily persuades Xiaomi to cover her at the front desk for one night so that she can slip out to meet her boyfriend. A senior local official, Liu, brings two young girls, Xiaowen (Chou Meijun) and Xiaoxin (Jiang Xinyue), with him to the hotel. Xiaomi immediately becomes suspicious. She observes the the hotel’s surveillance system and starts recording it on her cell phone.


Early the next morning, two young girls look depressed. Their teacher senses something amiss and calls their parents and the police. An examination at the hospital confirms that both of them have been sexually assaulted. The police, led by the detective Captain Wang (Li Mengle), searches the hotel and finds surveillance video that could convict President Liu, but the footage showing him entering the rooms of the two girls has been deleted. The police questions Lily, who claims to be on duty that night. Fearing that she would lose her job for covering for Lily, Xiaomi keeps mum and says nothing about the evidence she has.


Due to the lack of evidence, it looks like the local senior official is about to go scot free. The two girls’ lawyer, Ms. Yan Jie, is unwilling to give up and instinctively thinks Xiaomi is lying…



This is a work that is closely linked to domestic social issues. The film delivers beautiful and strong performances, putting the audiences at the edge of their seats.


The film’s social significance and artistry is beyond doubt and it became a hot topic after its release. Foreign media and film critics love the film. Its domestic broadcast also triggered a heated debate among the audience and 82% of netizens gave it an above 80% rating.


The show which was shown at both the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival, was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 74th Venice International Film Festival and received a lot of reviews.



The show won a lot of accolades including the ‘Top 10 Best Chinese Films of the Year 2017,’ Best Actress Award (Wen Qi) at the 54th Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival in October 2017 and etc.


“Almost all of the actors are women and the characters are the women who emerge from small towns in southern China. The film sheds light on their plight because they want to survive in a male-dominated world,” a Hollywood Reporter commented.


“It’s a critical story, but it’s told with gentle compassion. It whips up the abuse and marginalization of women, and there’s a lot of darkness in this sunny place,” — Screen Daily