I Come From Beijing - Heavenly Blessings


The film follows protagonist, Huang He, who is an outstanding young man from Beijing. Under the government’s advocate and his father’s entrustment to invest, Huang He returns to his hometown in Qingshuiwan to help local villagers set up businesses and alleviate poverty. Driven by Huang He’s mission to establish a breeding department and expand the scale of breeding, the villagers of Qingshuiwan joins in various change including actively breeding carp in the yellow river, the plantation of sweet corn and cherry tomatoes, and raising geese. Seeing the strength in magic and acrobatic skills from the villagers of Qingshuiwan, Huang He incorporates them into the packaging and live broadcasts of goods to increase exposure to the wider consumers. As the projects are implemented one after another, the hometown of Qingshuiwan embarks on a fast ride out of poverty.  At the same time, Gao Youfu, whom comes from a poor household and wastes his life doing nothing goes through rehabilitation from the patient and meticulous work, achieving poverty alleviation both mentally and materially.




Executive Producer: Guo Jingyu


Executive Producer/Scriptwriter: Li Haijiang


Chief Producer: Zhang Huanyin


Director: Lu Weiguo


Main Cast: Cao Zheng, Su Li, Wang Yisheng, Ma He


Broadcast Date: To be confirmed