Never Wronged


Warlord Lei Hai took over Jiangzhou in 1917 amidst the chaos and turbulence of war. As the turmoil continues to cause fear and turmoil among the civilians, uncanny homicide cases also rose. Warlord Lei Hai is infuriated and threatened the Police Department to solve the case within a short period of time or risk full abolition.
Among the investigators are the cold and upright Song He, an efficient detective who is ever ostracized by his colleagues and a happy-go-lucky Qin Huole, a think-out-of-the-box lawyer who has studied abroad for years. While Song is a descendant of ‘Six Doors’, a detective unit during the Ming Dynasty and has inherited half of the legendary “Justice Formula” from his ancestors; Qin is an open-minded and optimistic detective under a whimsical facade who secretly possess a pair of shadowless hands and owns a merciful heart.
The two protagonists of contrasting personalities must work together to solve the uncanny cases of homicide and will face numerous challenges. However, the duo will also share tears and laughter and eventually form a unique bond. As they rack their brains to solve the various cases, they unveil a monstrous conspiracy that put the civilian lives of the whole of Jiangzhou at stake! 
See how the two turn the tide and bring ‘Justice’ to the people!




Xin Peng



Ye Dun, Lu Antong, Xin Peng


Main Cast:

Xia Zhiguang, Caesar Wu, Wang Zhi Yi, Hei Zi, Zhu Tie


No. of Episodes: