Iron Pear

The TV series “Iron Pear” is a 43-episode revolutionary TV series produced by Dalian Tiange Media Co., Ltd. It is directed and written by famous director Guo Jingyu and stars Chen Shu, Wei Zi, Zhang Shaohua and Yang Zhigang.


It made its debut on 1st November 2010 in Beijing, Dongfang, Tianjin, and Sichuan Satellite TV and was broadcast simultaneously on Sohu Video Network.



“Iron Pear” follows the story of the daughter of a tomb thief from the Jinxia borders, and follows her journey and relationships with her family, lovers, friends, and enemies in the turbulent years of the war of resistance against Japan. The audience sees her growth and development from the daughter of an ordinary person to the partner of the National Party General and her psychological transformation as she stands bravely with her people against the Japanese.



“Iron Pear” broadcast ends successfully

“Iron Pear” is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Yan Geling, and personally adapted by famous director Guo Jingyu. In the TV series “Iron Pear”, not only does it keep the portrayal of legendary women as in Yan Geling’s original works, it even added the narrative components of family politics, mystery, and chivalry. For example, the resentment intertwined between Feng Er, Zhao Yuangeng, and Liu Tianci. Coupled with the plot and the superb acting skills of Chen Shu, Wei Zi, and the casts, it is not surprising that “Iron Pear” is so sought after.


Some viewers posted on the Internet that “Iron Pear” is the best TV series seen in recent years. On the first day of the broadcast, “Iron Pear” reached a rating of 5.32 in Beijing and even broke the record of a rating of 12 for a single episode. Nearing its broadcast of the final episodes, the viewership ratings seen its peak as it managed to attain the Beijing Satellite Channel’s “Golden Time Champion Throne” for 3 consecutive days. With viewership ratings nearing 2%, ‘Iron Pear” set the record for the highest ratings in the second half of 2010 on the Beijing Satellite Channel.


“Iron Pear” resonates with the audience | Legendary women became hot topics for discussion

The TV series “Iron Pear” inherits Yan Geling’s consistent delicate perspective of women, and has shaped the image of Feng Er, a tough, persistent and intelligent woman in the old society. The role of “Feng Er” resonated with many audiences. When she encounters difficulties, she faces them bravely and has no regrets. She does not flee when facing challenges but takes up responsibility and fights against fate. Some viewers posted on the Internet that the strong and indomitable spirit of “Feng Er” gave them great encouragement.


Director Guo Jingyu believes that Feng Er cannot be simply called a “strong woman”, but also a “heroine”- a woman who can accomplish things ordinary people can’t. Feng Er is able to handle life’s setbacks not all men can. The character of Feng Er has been loved and sought after by many audiences.



“Iron Pear” achieves high ratings | Guo Jingyu is rating guarantee

Before shooting “Iron Pear”, Director Guo Jingyu has shot multiple revolutionary-themed drama series including “Rush 1937 Year”, “I am not Hero”, “High Latitude Quiver” and many more, and achieved great ratings. Guo Jinyu is also titled as an expert in revolutionary-themed dramas by the media. As the first drama he has taken up with a female protagonist, Guo Jingyu works even harder as both the scriptwriter and director, promising to create a legendary piece in the drama history of China.


Guo Jingyu’s seriousness and hard work weren’t in vain as the “Iron Pear’ become one of his famous works coupled with many others, allowing him to become a guarantee for good ratings, which he achieved consistently through many works.



On the 4th of January 2011, the actor Weizi won the Best Male Actor award on the iQiyi annual award ceremony. The drama “Iron Pear” followed to bag four other awards, including Guo Jingyu for Best Director of a Drama, Best Mandarin Drama, and actor Yang Zhigang also won the Most Potential Actor award.


In January 2011, “Iron Pear” was announced as the audience’s favorite TV drama. In 2010 on Jiangsu TV, Chen Shu with his perfect performance in “Iron Pear” won the “Most Powerful Actor of the Year”.


In addition, “Iron Pear” also won the BTV Gold Award in 2011 and the highest click-through TV series during the 17th Shanghai TV Festival as voted by the audience.