Ability Bureau


In a parallel universe, in the cities of the Nanyang region, the radiation of a passing meteorite has resulted in part of the human population coming to possess supernatural powers. Due to the individuals’ genetic make-up, personality and living habits, some start to develop a variety of superpowers. To better manage these groups of supernatural beings, the United Nations, together with governments all over the world, established the Ability Bureau. 


In China, the headquarters of the Ability Bureau is located in the state of Guangzhou and is led by supernatural beings – Shen Meng, Zhuang Yu, Bai Shan and others. The group responds to incidents caused by supernatural abilities and also manages this unique group of individuals. On the other hand, Limitless, an organisation comprising unlawful supernatural beings, believes that they are the highest evolutionary form of human beings. This group masterminds numerous supernatural terrorist attacks causing fear in society. 


In the Nanyang region, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand also face the same issue caused by conflicts between the Ability Bureau and the Limitless, where different kinds of unregistered supernatural abilities pose huge challenges. Bai Shan, a scientist, decides to develop a medicine which acts as an inhibitor to alleviate side effects of superpowers. This allows individuals unlimited use of their abilities. Supernatural fights between the Ability Bureau and the Limitless break out continuously as the Limitless vows to get hold of the medicine. 




Sci-Fi, Comedy



“Three-Minute Inference”


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