On 1st of April, a voting APP called Horoscope Judgment was automatically installed on everyone’s mobile.

It is said that the horoscope sign with the most votes will die! We are asked to vote for the most hated horoscope, everyone thought this was just an April Fool’s Day joke?!
However, 10% of the population collapsed the next day and they have only one thing in common… they are all Virgos, which includes Qilin’s girlfriend. The officials call on everyone not to believe, not to vote. Even horoscope masters started predicting the next result. Some people gave up on themselves, while some try to analyse the logic of the app, whereas others say that this is purely coincidental.
There are also people like me, who want to seek revenge…



Genre: Mystery

Script Writer: Ye Shiyi

Director: Ye Shiyi

Cast: Qin Lin, Zhuang Yu