Yangko Dance

The TV series “Yangko Dance” is a 79-episode legendary drama series directed by Guo Jingyu, Bai Shan, Liu Ye, and Ju Xingmao, and stars Yang Zhigang, Yang Zi, Wang Kuirong, and Liu Yehan. It is jointly produced by Shandong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd, Yantai Provincial Advertising Department, Haiyang Provincial Advertising Department, Beijing Perfect Jianxin Television Culture Co., Ltd, Beijing Perfect Media Television Media Co., Ltd, and Tianjin Dongsheng Television Culture Co., Ltd.


The play premiered on the Shanghai News Channel in October 2015. It was broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV, Tianjin Satellite TV, and Shandong Satellite TV in October of the same year, and was replayed on CCTV’s TV drama channel in April 2016.



In July 2014, the legendary drama “Yangko Dance”, which tells the history of the People’s War of Resistance against Japan in the Jiaodong area of Shandong Province, held a startup ceremony in Beijing. At the start-up ceremony, director Guo Jingyu told the media: This period drama, which shows the history of the Red War of Resistance by the citizens in Jiaodong, has been planned as early as 5 years ago. The Haiyang Yangko Dance was used as the story carrier to fully display the indomitable anti-Japanese heroism of the Jiaodong people. “Yantai was where I filmed as a director for the first time. Being back here to shoot an anti-Japanese film made me very excited. Especially during the preparation process, I was deeply impressed with the deep historical and cultural heritage of Yantai Haiyang” Guo Jingyu said.


The drama continues the style of director Guo Jingyu. He focuses on the resistance of the people against the Japanese under the grand historical background. After a long period of 344 days of filming, the legendary drama “Yangko Dance” wrapped up in Beijing in July 2015.



The story embarks from the famous cultural heritage “Yangko” from Yantai’s Haiyang in the 1930s when beggar Haimao returns in search of his relative which resulted in a series of family affairs against the bigger theme of soul-touching anti-Japanese war stories. It shows the remarkable transformation of a little beggar turning into a hero.


In the 1930s, begger Haimao returns to Haiyang, Shandong in search of his family. To his distraught, his parents were killed by the Wu and Zhao families of the Hutou Pier, even throwing Haimao into the sea. He was eventually saved by Wu Ruoyun, the daughter of the Wu family, village girl Zhao Xiangyue, and pirate Heisha. Haimao, who survived started to wreak havoc in the Hutou Pier, is then framed by the Wu and Zhao family, causing him to face jail time and death sentence. There, he met Wang Tiankai, a member of the underground party, and managed to escape under his ingenious scheme. Haimao, who escaped lived under a new name this time; Hailong.


The name “Hailong” become well known among the people of the Hutou Pier as the “hero” who fought against the Japanese bravely to protect the pier from being invaded. Yangko Dance was eventually the ultimate factor that resolved the hundred of years of resentment between the Wu and Zhao family. Under Hailong’s leadership, the people of the Hutou Pier finally wipe out the “Eight Immortal” group, a military spy organization, and got back their lands.


An abandoned child, a story intertwined between love and hatred, a passionate story is told on the homeland.



This annual drama has received much attention since the beginning of the broadcast. With strong plots and excellent performances, he continues to dominate the screen. There is a total of 6 billion online viewership, and within 21 days, it became the Provincial Television Prime Ratings Champion in Jiangsu and Tianjin Satelite TV, maintaining top 5 positions till the end of the broadcast.


In March 2016, “Yangko Dance” won the “Best China Drama” award and “Favorite Drama by the audience” nomination, showing its great popularity. In February 2017, it won the award for outstanding works in TV dramas. In December of the same year, it won the “Excellent Works Award” for the 12th “Cultural and Cultural Project” for the construction of spiritual civilization and received the 11th Television Producer Awards “Top Ten TV Series Screenplay” in 2017.

Other than TV Screenplay, Yangko Dance was published as a book, with its 1st Edition sold out almost instantly.


“Yangko Dance” Reviews

“Yangko Dance” not only showcased citizens’ protests against war, but it also displayed China’s historical events.” – Xinhuanet


“Yangko Dance” reflected the people’s courage to fight hard to survive during that era.” – Sohu Review


“The story of “Yangko Dance” is intense. The strength of the actors’ natural acting ability and Director Guo’s usual style convey the spirit of the Yangko tradition.” – Xinhuanet


“The highlight of the drama would be the depiction of the historical anti-Japanese war between the Wu and Zhao families.” – Sima Review


“Guo Jingyu proves effective at filming dramas against this era. He uses the events to promote the story of the main character as well as to convey that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.” – Zhao Geyu Review