GHY MEDIA RELEASE: G.H.Y Culture & Media's IPO shares priced at S$0.66

Media Release/ 11 Dec 2020

SINGAPORE, 11 December 2020 — G.H.Y Culture & Media Holding Co., Limited (“GHY” and together with its subsidiaries and PRC Affiliated Entities3 , the “Group”), an entertainment company in the Asia-Pacific region that focuses on the production and promotion of dramas, films and concerts, has registered its final prospectus (“Prospectus”) for its initial public offering (“IPO”), in conjunction with its listing on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”). The Group expects to raise gross proceeds of approximately S$107.5 million from the Offering and the issuance of new shares to be subscribed for by the cornerstone investors (“New Cornerstone Shares”).


The Offering and Issuance of New Cornerstone Shares GHY is offering an aggregate of 21,696,000 shares (“Offering Shares”) and 141,166,000 New Cornerstone Shares. Based on the offering price of S$0.66 (“Offering Price”) per Offering Share and New Cornerstone Share, the postOffering market capitalisation of GHY will be approximately S$708.7 million.


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