I Come From Beijing - Tibetan Mani Stone Pile in Autumn


The film depicts poverty alleviation in the Tibetan area of China’s Sichuan Province. To alleviate poverty, officials and volunteers make their way to the Tibetan Plateau to provide education to the ethnic locals. The contribution of love and energy between different ethnic groups shares the story of life essence.

Xiao Yuening, a government official is a transferred from Beijing to the Dege County of Sichuan Province. Due to the high dropout rates of the local schools, emphasizing the importance of education to the Tibetan teenagers became her key mission. She also actively helps and encourages Tibetan girls to leave the highlands to see the bigger world out there. As the county’s Deputy Governor, Xiao is also concerned about alleviating poverty of the people. To help everyone achieve shared prosperity, she urges everyone to obtain the techniques of growing potatoes to increase productivity. Xiao also persuades Master Tangka to return to his hometown and strives to promote cultural tourism in the Dege County.




Producers: Li Chunhai, Zhang Huanyin

Scriptwriter: Zhang Hongtao

Director: Yue Lina