The path to heaven — to do good and to injure no one.

The path of humans — to give and to fight no one.

The path of a mother — to love and to sacrifice unconditionally.


As a young girl, Ying Niang is sold into servitude to the Long Family. Eventually, Ying Niang marries the Long family’s second master and gives birth to three daughters and a son. On an ill-fated day, a madman obsessed with Ying Niang kills her husband and abducts her son. When things can’t seem any more hopeless, Ying Niang’s three daughters also go missing.


Devastated by the loss of her precious children, Ying Niang attempts to end her life. On the verge of killing herself, a mystery man appears and hands her a baby boy. Feeling an instant connection to this young child, Ying Niang adopts him and names him Wu Er (the fifth child). Together with Wu Er, Ying Niang begins a long journey to search for her missing children.


Several years later, when all the children have grown up, how will Ying Niang find and reunite with them? The unconditional love of a mother, follow Ying Niang’s journey in this torrent and revolutionary period, and see how they reunite.




Genre: Period / Legend


Scriptwriter: Guo Jing Yu


Chief Director: Guo Jing Yu


Main Cast: Yue Li Na, Yu Yi, Zhang Shao Hua, Shi Ke, Liu Zhiyang, Ni Hong Jie, Wang Hui Chun, Yang Kun, Niu Baojun