GHY Culture & Media Holding awarded permit by China administration to produce online drama

The Edge / 2 Nov 2021

Beijing Changxin Film & Media, an indirect associated company of GHY Culture & Media Holding, has been awarded a permit by the National Radio and Television Administration in China on Nov 2.


The permit now allows Beijing Changxin to produce the online drama series “Flagbearer of Justice”.


Filming and production have already commenced, with production expected to be completed in December.


The drama is primarily filmed in China, while post-production visual effects work will be carried out in the region, spearheaded by the group’s Singapore production team.


The recent emergence of Covid-19 cases in China has not impacted filming and production activities.


The award of the permit does not have any material effect on the group’s net tangible assets (NTA) or earnings per share (EPS) for the FY2021 ending December.


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