A POWER love song and the POWER to love again.

The more you need a moving power ballad as the days get difficult.

Never forget and never give up!

This August, let’s sing it from the heart!

It’s all Because of Love!



Back in your youth, whether it’s the electric guitar introduction to “Ruthless Love Letter” during band practice where everyone is in high spirits, or when you first received a heartbreaking love letter from your first love, Power Station magically predicted these scenarios – with heartache you had to strum the guitar in your dorm room, pretending to be happy and singing “So Be It Then” or sing “Who Else To Love But You” with friends at KTV.



After years of separation, when walking along Zhongxiao East Road nine times, you didn’t bump into your exes but realize that it was madness back then and it was all because of love.



The past two years have been challenging and we look forward to seeing each one of you at Power Station’s concert. All the things that have been suppressed in your hearts over the years, the ones that you have loved, the things that you are grateful for or regrets that you have, the ones that have hurt, the things that you still can’t get over… On this night, through each song from Power Station, let us face the good and bad times together!


What would “Love Me True” sound like for everyone that night?  

This August let’s immerse in Power Station’s hits and have the motivation to love again!


Tickets can be booked via Ticketmaster Singapore from 10am through the following channels on 19 May:


Online (24 hours)

ticketmaster.sg from 19 May, 10am onwards




+65 3158 8588

Mon to Sat 10am – 6pm

Sun and Public Holidays (Closed)




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Concert Details

Date: 20 August 2022 (Sat)

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket Price: $208, $178, $158, $128, $98 (excluding $4 booking fee)