This drama tells the story of three generations of Peranakan women. First generation Tianlan is taken in as the second mistress of a rich young master, but her inferior position in the household causes her to suffer significant amount of hardships. Her daughter Juxiang is a gentle and kind girl, however, she became deaf and dumb after a serious illness during infancy. After a series of trials and tribulations, Juxiang marries a Chinese-Japanese photographer, Yamamoto Yosuke. After their marriage, Yosuke is forced to return to Japan to serve in the military, leaving Juxiang alone to raise their daughter, Yueniang, single-handedly. In the turbulent times, Juxiang and her husband are tortured to death, leaving behind their eight-year-old daughter, Yueniang.

Yueniang took her mother’s relics and went back to her grandfather’s house, where things began to fall apart. Under the supervision of her grandmother Tianlan, she studied traditional Nyonya cooking and needlework. Yueniang grows up to be exceptionally beautiful like her mother. Wealthy leaders and handsome lawyers are all attracted to her. However, her romantic relationship was not smooth sailing. She is destined to meet her true love Chengxi but unfortunately, not fated to be together. Entangled within the family’s disputes and fights, Yueniang is always discriminated against, beaten, framed, tortured and expelled. But her strong character leads her to fight against the odds. She embarks on a journey to carve out her own destiny and succeeds despite several setbacks and eventually saves her declining family business. However, her romantic life is still a blank canvas, as she is unable to let go of her true love…





Genre: Women /  Legends


Main Presenters: Xue Jijun, Gong Yu


Presenters:Yue Lina, John Ho, Jing Zhigang


Chief Executive Producers: Zhuang Dian Jun, Wang Xiaohui


Executive Producers: Lian Lee Lee, Xue Xin, Wang Peijie, Zheng Mingbin, Wang Qing, Deng Hongfei, Li Chunhai


Chief Planners: Shen Jijun, Chen Xiao


Planners: Wang Gang, Zhang Huanyin, Li Zixiao, Ren Liwei, Ma Lili, Wu De, Di Zhewen


Chief Story Advisor: Wang Zhaonan


Chief Distributor: Wang Xiaoyan


Chief Producer: Wang Hao, Yang Bei


Producers: Guo Shimin, Chan Pui Yin (Singapore), Zheng Renxiang


Scriptwriter: Ang Eng Tee (Singapore)


Chief Director: Guo Jingyu


Directors: Chia Men Yiang (Singapore), Wong Kuang Yong (Singapore)


Principle Cast: Xiao Yan, Zack Kou (China-Taiwan), Yue Lina, Dai Xiangyu


Cast: Darren Chiu (China-Taiwan), Xiang Yun (Singapore), He Yuhong, Fang Chengcheng, Niu Beiren, Niu Baojun


Number of Episode: 45 Episodes