To Be With You


The story of Wang Yaping whom suffers from a rare psychogenic amnesia, having no memories of who she is. Ten years later, Wang Yaping recalls her forgotten memories, but her memory only remained in her youth.  In aid of their wife and mother’s recovery in an unstimulated condition, Wang Yaping’s husband Chen Changhai and daughter Chen Jinian worked to turn back time and recreate past memories. As Wang Yaping gradually recovers, she not only laments about the advancement of society over time, but is also moved by the warmth of familial love.  This is a preposterous comedy that portrays the touching affection of familial love.




Produced by: iQiyi, G.H.Y Culture and Media


Presented by: Gong Yu, Yue Lina


Executive Producer: Guo Jingyu,Wang Xiaohui


Chief Director: Ju Xingmao


Scriptwriter:Li Zhichao


Main Cast: Yue Lina, Dong Yong, Bo Guanjin


No. of Episodes: 6